Our Story

It started with a simple mission, HELP PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.

We have all heard statements about breaking through limits, but there is more to it than just physical.  The Without Limits brand represents the experiences, relationships, triumphs and failures you experience on the journey of accomplishing your goals and dreams.  Tom Clifford, founder of Without Limits, lives the brand through endurance sports as an athlete, coach and through his faith in God.

Tom started by running 1.5 miles around his block at age 11.  Tom was pulled by his sister to wake up at 5am on sub zero degree conditions in Michigan to go run.  The love/hate relationship that Tom developed pushed him to go to college and run for Eastern Michigan and then eventually move to North Carolina and become a 70.3 IRONMAN Champion.  It was a journey of failure and success that got him to that point but that is where EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE came in.

As our brand has grown, we came up with our tag line Embrace the Challenge.  Embrace the Challenge is what you have to do to live Without Limits.

Challenges happen for you, not to you. It is not just about thinking positively, it is becoming the person that truly believes that limits are self-imposed and can be broken with drive, determination, will, resilience, and a supportive community.


There are so many inspiring Embrace the Challenge stories from Without Limits athletes, but we all have a story.  We have all encountered challenges, but it comes down to how you react to your challenges that shows what you’ve got.  As Rocky Balboa said, “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows…..It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

About the Coaching Division

Without Limits has 9 coaches that embody the coaching division.  The coaches mission is to help athletes embrace their challenge of becoming better endurance athletes from youth to adult.  Many leaders in the world relate life to running a marathon.  What better way to teach people to break their self imposed limits than through running, triathlon, and other endurance sports.

About the Apparel Division

In 2011, the apparel came to fruition when Tom Clifford, Without Limits founder, and Jon Carne, Port City Apparel owner, capitalized on a meeting in September of 2011 to conceptualize a brand that embodied the right balance of inspiration, quality, dedication, determination and performance.   “To build a successful brand in the active lifestyle genre is a challenge that will take a Without Limits mindset and effort. We are excited to be partnering with Tom and his team to build a global apparel brand that will inspire future generations to live a life Without Limits.”Jon Carne, Co-Owner Without Limits Apparel

About the Events Division

In 2009, we started the NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon.  In it’s first year, 1600 people signed up and it became a signature event in the Southeast.  Without Limits’ goal is to put on fun, participant first, events where people can come together and enjoy friends, family and race their best.  This starts with the race production and race swag. These two essentials make the event a favorite of the participant. In the end we want the client to be thrilled but more importantly we want the end users to love our products and events. This will grow awareness for the event, increase sponsor visibility and ensure increased participation, all which make the event a success year after year.

About the Without Limits Runners Daily Vitamin

In 2018, Board certified physician Scott Tunis, Registered dietitian Diana Davis, and Without Limits owner Tom Clifford developed a nutritional supplement specifically for endurance athletes and runners.  Without Limits is proud to put our name on a formula that we knew will help runners fulfill what they lose from endurance sports and receive nutrients they need for optimal performance.  More about our runners vitamin can be found at www.runnersdailyvitamin.com

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