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Meet Our Registered Dietitian

Diana has been a registered dietitian nutritionist since 1983 and has been a Without Limits athlete since 2010. She started running to keep up with her husband, Phillip and their two children, Kelsey and Phillip Jr. who were runners at Topsail High School at that time. Diana progressed from walk to run, to do the occasional 5 K, then a few 10 K races, and ran her first Half Marathon in Wilmington in 2012. She watched as her husband and his training buddies took on the marathon distance and said to herself (and others) she would never run a marathon!

Like any good dietitian, she studied the nutrition research and developed healthy eating plans to support Phillip in his endurance training. She made his meal plans easy (because she was doing the cooking!) and based on real world foods that he would eat. Diana describes her husband as a bit of a picky eater, but that didn’t stop her from customizing his meals and snacks to support the miles he was running while also promoting a modest weight loss. Phillip was able to drop 15 lbs and qualify for the Boston in 2013 in his seventh marathon.

It was in April 2015, as her husband’s spectator, cheerleader and Sherpa at the Boston Marathon that Diana decided she wanted to run a marathon too. She ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon in 2016, 2017 and again in 2018 when she was able to earn a Boston Marathon qualifying time in the 55-59-year age group. Diana applied the endurance nutrition strategies that are well supported in research to her own training and learned much about what works for her and how to adapt these to her client’s needs.

Diana is passionate about helping her clients take small steps to improve their eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle (not a diet) and to achieve their health and athletic goals.
Not a Without Limits athlete? Not a problem! Without Limits Nutrition Programs with Diana are available to all who are interested, athletes and non-athletes alike.


Getting Started

Individuals who are interested in learning more about nutrition options can request a free 15 minute phone call with Diana on the Without Limits App or by contacting Diana via email at dianadavisrd@gmail.com to schedule a time to discuss their nutrition goals.  GET STARTED TODAY Fill out this form to set up your free 15 minute phone call. 

New Clients

New Clients begin with a one time 1-hour Initial Nutrition Consultation which includes a complete nutrition history using food journals or food recall, evaluation of current eating habits and recommendations for any changes needed to achieve the client’s nutrition and/or athletic training/racing goals. This comprehensive service is recommended for all new clients. $100 (includes a detailed nutrition plan, sample menu and a follow up email. $100 (includes a follow up email) Click Here and fill out the form to get a free 15 minute call with Diana.

Established Clients

Established Clients (those who have previously received a 1-hour Nutrition Consultation) may request a 1-hour Nutrition Coaching session on any topic such as general nutrition for healthy eating and weight loss, nutrition and hydration plans for marathon/ultra-marathon or triathlon, carbohydrate loading plans, race day nutrition and hydration plans. $60. Click Here to fill out a Get Started Form to sign up for this service.

Race Ready Nutrition Program

Want to dial in your nutrition, energy and weight before your next big race?  Not sure what or how much you should eat each day when you are training for a marathon or half marathon?  Love to cook and eat healthy but just can’t find the time to figure it out on a busy schedule? Join Without Limits Race Ready Online Nutrition Program.

Each month you will receive:

4 weeks of healthy meal plans to meet your increased nutrition needs for training for your goal race.

Easy to follow & delicious “clean eating” recipes

A weekly grocery list for everything you will need to prepare all your meals and snacks

Nutrition information for everything on the plan

Race Ready Carb Loading Plan for last 3 days before your goal race.

A private Facebook group with other athletes who join the Race Ready Online Nutrition Group

Online Group Coaching from Without Limits Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Diana Davis

A Without Limits Race Ready Recipe Book – as a  free bonus gift for signing up by 12/20/19!



Early Bird Special:  12 weeks for $ 225 if you sign up and pay by 12/20/19 (PLUS BONUS RECIPES)

12 weeks for $250 if you sign up between 12/21/19 and 12/31/19

Monthly Custom Meal Planning Program – $100 per month




3 Month Weight Loss Nutrition Program

Our 3-Month Weight Loss Nutrition Program is individualized to meet your needs to fuel for training. You will be set up with a meal plan that provides a moderate energy deficit and enough protein and good carbohydrates to build and repair lean body mass while promoting fat burning. You will meet with Diana, our nutritionist, on the phone or face to face (depending on your location) once per month to go over the following:

  • Create a weekly meal plan in month 1
  • Explore better choices in your favorite grocery store in month 2
  • Develop or expand skills in staying on track at your favorite restaurant in month 3

For a FREE 15 minute phone call with Diana click here and fill out the Get Started Form or email dianadavisrd@gmail.com
$220 for all 3 months and ongoing support and accountability.

On-line Nutrition Coaching

This program is great for clients who live outside the greater Wilmington area or are too busy to schedule regular meetings. This comprehensive program provides a high level of accountability and everything you need by email*
*Menus, Recipes, Restaurant suggestions and New Product recommendations
*Weekly short email assessment and nutrition assignment specific to client’s needs or training cycle
*Monitoring of food diary on My Fitness Pal or Lose It or other food tracking methods and recommendations for eating to meet stated goals
*Communication as needed by email, text, or the above-mentioned apps
For a FREE 15 minute phone call with Diana click here and fill out the Get Started Form or email dianadavisrd@gmail.com
$100 monthly


Love to cook and eat healthy but just can’t find the time to figure it out on a busy schedule? Struggling with eating enough to fuel your training while trying to lose weight?  The custom meal planning program is right for you! Without Limits Dietitian Nutritionist Diana Davis will assess your needs based on your responses to her meal planning questionnaire and create custom meal plans for you.

Each week you will receive:


  • A healthy meal plan to meet your nutrition needs and your health and performance goals
  • Easy to follow & delicious “clean eating” recipes scaled to your family size and planned leftovers
  • A weekly grocery list for all foods you need to prepare your meals and snacks
  • Nutrition information for everything on the plan which makes tracking your nutrition easier



For a FREE 15 minute phone call with Diana click here and fill out the Get Started Form or email dianadavisrd@gmail.com
$100 Monthly

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, Diana has been changing lives for many years and not just with runners and triathletes.  Diana wants to help ANYONE change their life by eating better and feeling better.  When we feel good, we have no limits.

“June 2016, I began having some health complications that increased my frequency of blood test from annually to semi-annual.  My blood sugar was one of a few things that was not in line.  The feedback provided by my doctor was to avoid carbohydrates and white starches.  I tried this, but I needed carbs to fuel for endurance events.  Trying to formulate my own diet to sustain my activity and positively impact my health was not working.  In the summer of 2017 while training for IM Maryland, I enlisted the help of Diana Davis.  She helped me plan my nutrition by breaking it down into total calories needed.  To meet those calorie requirements, she calculated the percentages of protein, carbs, and fats that I needed to consume to meet my training and health goals.  She provided a guideline that was specific about how much of any food could be eaten and stay within my protein, carb, or fat limits.  With Diana’s help, I have been able to keep my blood sugar in line.  Not only have I seen a positive influence on my blood work which has helped me steer clear of medications, I also lost a few pounds.  Working with Diana and following the nutrition plan she helped develop has been a win-win!!”

Walt Greer

“I sought the advice from Diana Davis when I was training for my second Ironman and subsequently my marathon races.  My issue was related to race day nutrition and hydration.  I had previously struggled during longer races with staying fueled; and that translated into problems.  It was a very frustrating issue.  You spend months working toward your goals, and can be in the best shape of your life; but if you don’t nail the nutrition / hydration plan…it can wreck your day.  Diana was wonderful to work with.  She had me begin a food journal and I was surprised to see the things I was consuming on a weekly basis really had an impact on my race day.  She tweaked my meal planning and helped me make changes in the days leading up to and including race day.

I have implemented these changes and am happy to say most have become habits.  It was just a few little things that she suggested, but they made a big impact.  I would recommend anyone struggling to figure this out, to seek her wisdom.”
John Cockrum

“In January of 2019 I had a pretty lofty goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. My training was going really well: I was physically in the best shape I’d been in since college, I felt strong, and I was confident as my mind was in a good head space and my training plan was coming together. However, there was this area I was struggling in which caused a lot of stress and I worried it would interfere with my OTQ goal: my gut.

Prior to my goal marathon, I crossed the finish line in several training “workout/races” in a cringe-worthy fashion. It was gross. I felt gross and I was embarrassed. I get the saying, “sh*t happens,” but it’s not supposed to literally happen in races. My stomach became a growing concern as race day grew closer and I feared completing another marathon would not only add a stain on my racing reputation, but my racing shorts as well. That’s when my coach recommended I speak with Diana.
Diana immediately helped put my mind (and stomach) at ease as she reviewed my caloric intake, quality and types of food I was consuming. Diana created a multi-day meal plan for me leading up to my race. This meal plan was convenient, included my food preferences, included quantity and duration from race it should be consumed. It was really easy to trust Diana as she is a runner herself, but I found myself fully invested in what she was suggesting when I would complete long-run workouts without stomach distress.
I can honestly say, without Diana’s help, I wouldn’t be able to call myself a 2020 Olympic Trials Qualifier in the Marathon. She saved my stomach and put my mind at ease which allowed me to focus on the race. I ran a 10-minute PR and crossed the finish line in 2:44:24 thanks to Diana. 100% recommend.”
Brittany Copeland

I initially requested help from Diana because I watched someone I run with use her services and really trim down.  To be quite frank, I was a little jealous.  I was turning 40, have had two kids but work out pretty hard and yet I knew I was at my highest weight.  

I contacted Diana and we had a great visit where we discussed things I ate in a day, my workout routine and where exactly I wanted my weight to be.  We narrowed down that most of my food choices were pretty good but many times I was not eating enough and then a small percentage of time I was greatly overcompensating (!).  We set up a nutrition plan for me to slowly lose 10-12 pounds.  Diana assigned me a certain caloric intake a day with adjustments for exercise, splitting my foods between 50% carbohydrates, 25% fat and 25% protein.  It was a little hard at first but after a couple weeks it was much better.  Now it is very easy.  
To date, I have almost reached my goal weight and have decided to go a little bit further and lose a few more pounds.  My diet is the best it is ever been and I know exactly what to do to prep for and sustain long workouts.  My goal is to run the WB marathon in March and complete it in a fast time.  I feel that Diana’s services has put me in a position to increase my run speed and do just that.
Sarah Horton

In the summer of 2017,  I attempted to run the Tri Span 10K and really struggled with race day nutrition.  As I continued with race preparations into the fall of 2017, I was having a difficult time with my running endurance and nutrition.  I really did not have a good solid plan and attempted NCIM 70.3 last October. Although I finished the event, I was not happy with my performance.  During that race, I really struggled during the run segment.  So in November of 2017 I met with Coach Kristen for the first time and started my journey to happier running.  I could really tell that I was becoming a much better runner with much improved leg speed and posture.  I set a goal to finish a half marathon in the spring without all the issues that plagued me during the run segment of the 70.3.  While training I could tell that nutrition was still an issue. I met Diana Davis through running with the Level 2 group and asked her for some nutrition counseling.  Based on her recommendations, I was successful in making changes to how I approached fueling and hydration in training and also in races.  By following the training plan and run coaching help from Coach Kristen and the nutrition counseling from Diana, I reached my goals in the spring and finished the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon.  As I have prepared this summer for the October 13th  2018 NCIM70.3, Coach Kristen continues to guide me through Training Peaks each week for triathlon training and Diana Davis is working closely with me to make sure that my nutrition plan for the race is solid.  I am so very appreciative to these ladies for their dedication in helping me achieve goals that I never dreamed were possible. IAMWITHOUTLIMITS

Doug Hines

“I was referred to Diana through mutual friends. She was easy to meet with and took my concerns about helping my child learn and choose healthy nutrition options seriously. At the meetings, Diana spoke to my child directly and figured out what it is she likes to eat. She spoke to her on her level and helped her determine what are healthy foods and how they impact school and athletic performances  We even went to a local salad restaurant and sampled different salads for a tasting and took that a step further and researched fast food places to figure out healthiest choices in a time crunch or when we drive long distances.   Diana even let her know it is ok to enjoy dessert but with some thoughtful guidelines.
As for me, she listened to what I hoped for, was not judgmental and always sent a detailed follow up email.
Diana is an outstanding nutritionist (and person.)”
Jessica Spencer

“I chose Diana for my nutritional guidance because of her many years of experience as a registered dietician and her incorporation of all that knowledge and expertise specifically for runners and athletes.  She has a passion for running and has worked closely with many of my running buddies. I have seen huge successes with their training and race performances because of improved nutrition and hydration.

I met with Diana at the beginning of my NYC marathon training to discuss my diet and hydration.  My training runs were not going well with all the heat and humidity.  I was also having some GI distress during the long runs.  She gathered all my information and was able to design a nutrition and fuel plan specifically for me.  She provided information that was detailed and structured so that on my long run mornings I was well fueled and hydrated and was able to perform without the GI distress.
I know we all tend to value more of the physical aspect of our training but nutrition and fueling our bodies properly are just as important.  Thank you Diana for your wisdom and endless patience. So grateful for you and how you have helped me!”
Lynda Smith

“Wall? What Wall?
I love to run…short runs, long runs, slow runs, and an occasional fast run. To provide goals for myself in running, I will usually run one or two half marathons and one marathon per year.   Prior to this past weekend’s NYC Marathon, I had 10 full marathons under my belt.  While each one has its own story behind it….some with hills, some with massive mountains, some with sand, some with flat terrain, some with heat/humidity, some with freezing temps, and some with  pouring rain…..each one consistently had one common experience….The Wall/Fatigue/Physical Exhaustion. The goal..and almost like a game..for each new race I take on is to see how much later in the race this fatigue will happen. Some races at mile 18, some at 20, and occasionally lucky enough where it didn’t happen until 22.  But, when it happened…ugh!!!!!
This training cycle, I met with Diana. I met with her while I was in the throws of my training. Diana listened to me while discussing food likes/dislikes, what has worked for me or not worked for me in the past, and what I was currently doing nutritionally for training.  Diana then took all of this information and formulated a very detailed 3 day pre-race meal plan as well as a race day nutrition plan for me based on the calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes/hydration she calculated that I would need for my body weight and the distance.  I practiced the race day nutrition during my training long runs to assure all set well with me during training.  It was great!
Race weekend approached and we headed to NYC.  I followed the 3 day pre race meals and snacks as well as I could while traveling. I would guess I only missed 2 snacks and 1 meal was not exactly as it was supposed to be..but, other than that I did what Diana suggested.
This past Sunday, I ran the NYC Marathon and NEVER experienced fatigue like I had in all of my other marathons.  I felt like I could have kept going! It is a surreal feeling to keep running and running this type of distance and never hit the infamous Wall.  My recovery has been so much better as well with minimal fatigue and almost no soreness (other than a pre race injury pain).
Diana is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the nutrition plan a runner needs. She is also a great listener, very detailed, so easy to work with, and so much fun to be around:)
I cannot wait to sign up for another Marathon!”
Christie Tucker

“I decided to get nutrition counseling to figure out if I was eating the right things for the workouts that I was undertaking as an older runner.  Choosing to work with Diana was easy, we train together but more than anything she is a seasoned professional.  Being motivated by her success as a runner made me realize she could help me with this piece of the puzzle.  After several sessions together, I made some changes and corrections which helped with my ability to stay focused during training  My hope was that this adjustment would correspond to better times in my races  Changing your diet can be difficult, but one of the things I like best about working with Diana is her desire to include foods and beverages that you enjoy, not just a one size fits all plan.
Prior to the Boston Marathon this year, I asked Diana to write a carb loading plan for the week leading up to race day.  It worked like a charm and I exceeded my time goal on race day, earning a BQ and a return trip for 2020.  Fast forward to the NYC Marathon this past weekend and again, I exceeded my goal, had a negative split and missed a marathon PR by one second. While that may not sound impressive to some, when you are 65 years young, and supposed to get slower every year, it was a huge success for me.”
“I can’t recommend Diana highly enough.”
Pam Keenan

“Throughout my lifetime, I have had constant GI issues and also tried many different ways to lose weight which always failed. I started working with Diana on my nutrition when I decided I wanted to set a big PR goal of running a sub 2 hour half marathon. During this time with Diana, I learned how to fuel my body properly for the type of performance I wanted to accomplish. She also helped me identify some of the key causes of the GI issues I was experiencing, especially regarding my post-run recovery. With Diana’s help, I crushed my goal and got the PR I wanted. I decided following the initial work I had done with Diana for that race that I wanted to give the 3-month weight loss program a try.

With the weight loss program Diana designed, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food (which also helped me get rid of my GI issues completely). Diana did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. Diana taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. Through Diana’s program, I stopped thinking about weight loss as just another diet and began thinking of it as a lifestyle change that I wanted and I needed.

To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost the weight I wanted (and more!) and I am at a happy place where I am focusing on maintaining the weight I am at. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Diana and her program. Diana has such touching compassion and dedication to her clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I work with her.”

Leah Blakeley

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