Without Limits Coaching Testimonials



Thank you so much for your commitment to coaching and for all the time and energy you put into it! I know I put a lot of hard work into my training but I never would be where I am today without you as my coach!

OLYMPIC TRIALS BABY!  Thanks again for all you do.

Katie Elzer-Peters – Walk to Run

“I started running with Without Limits in September 2016. The last time I had run more than a block was probably during 7th grade Cross Country. I had tried to run since then, but never stuck with it. There was a reason for that. 

My friend sent me a fall package email. “Let’s try this!” she said. I signed up. She didn’t. 

From my first practice I was hooked. I probably only ran a total of 8 minutes out of an hour practice. It had to be 85 degrees. We did drills to warmup. I felt exercised after the drills. My coach had me do a warmup walk with another newbie. Then she took us running. Three repeats of 2 minutes running, 3 minutes walking. Then two laps of “in and outs” at the track, which is walk the corners, run the straights. Then a cooldown walk. 

From that first practice in September I trained and was ready to run/walk my first half marathon the following May, the Tinkerbell Half in Disneyland. My mom was there to watch me finish. We both cried when she found me after the race. It was kind of a bucket list thing. 

Without Limits taught me the correct way to run so I would keep it up and enjoy it. (I was taking steps that were too big and trying to go too fast and too far.) They helped me gradually ramp up, and showed me that if I just showed up, I’d get better. I’ve met wonderful friends and totally turned my fitness around. There are so many fun activities I get to do now that I have the cardio fitness I’ve gained from running. I love it! And I love WOL!”

Jenny Mott

Good morning! This has been quite a year for me. (I know, one more big race next week). I’ve learned so much, grown so much and pushed through so many things I thought were barriers. I am stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been. So I just wanted to say thanks. Without limits has made such a difference for me. With Matt in the computrainer lab teaching me how to ride hills for Maine, and Aaron helping me run better and Kristen being awesome and a perfect coach for me. I couldn’t have asked for more. I appreciate the support, and the constant belief that I can succeed. It’s had a bigger impact on my life than I can possibly convey to you. So thanks for having the vision for WOL. I feel like I’ve truly become #withoutlimits now.

Taylor – Walk to Run

For the two years that I have known my fiancé, Nick Monroe, he has raved about this running program he’s a part of called Without Limits. At first I kind of selectively listened to what all he would say about it, that is until I realized that pretty much every conversation we had consisted of something regarding running, WOL, his level two teammates, or when the next race was he was training for would be.
This eventually got me curious enough to drip my toes back into my CouchTo5K app on my phone, that hadn’t been open in a few years, because I definitely couldn’t let my then boyfriend, outrun me, right? He slyly told me about how WOL was promoting their Winter Walk2Run program, starting in December, and how I should consider joining.
My first thought was “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” (Yes, all caps is necessary to depict how insane I thought he was.) My automatic answer was “That’s a negative, ghost-rider. There’s no way I’ll be able to keep up! I can’t even run 2 minutes without stopping to resuscitate myself back to life, right now.” He laughed and said “Just think about it Tayler. I’ll even pay for it. It can be one of your Christmas presents.” Well now that I don’t have to pay for it… Okay, maybe? After thinking for a few days on this horrific sounding feat, I said “What the hell? I’ll do it! I keep falling off the bandwagon with my Couch to 5k app, and maybe this will hold me more accountable… Sign me up!”
I remember that first Walk2Run meeting on a freezing December Wednesday night, nervously going to Hoggard’s track and thinking to myself, “Why am I so nervous? I’m a people person. I love meeting new people and making new friends. What is so intimidating about this? Surely there won’t be any running tonight. It’s just a meet and great and then I can leave.” As I approached the track I saw this big WOL tent and this tall, bearded guy saying hello and welcoming everyone like he was a Walmart greeter! (Here’s looking at you TOM!) I chuckled to myself and thought “Well, at least they’re a lively bunch!”
Soon after getting there our coaches introduced themselves, Coach Maleia and Coach Nina. We did the whole “everyone go around and introduce yourself” thing and then we got lots of information about the program. I remember thinking that I really liked the fact that they let you come out to a meeting (Which I would soon learn was our first practice – yikes!) before you pay for and commit to the program.
After brief introductions, where I literally remembered nobody’s name, Coach Maleia and Coach Nina said we were about to start our first practice. I think I peed myself a little because I was not mentally (or clearly physically) prepared for this running endeavor that was about to take place.
I don’t remember the exact specifics about how far they had us run that night, I think it started off as mostly walking, with 100’s every lap, or whatever you could do. What I do clearly remember is that they never once made me feel like I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t capable. I actually did better than I thought that night and left feeling proud of myself.
This Walk2Run WOL program has honestly changed my life. During the first round (Winter Session) I suffered from terrible shin splints and calf pain. So much so that I had to take about two weeks off from running to rest, just walk, and stretch. During that time Coach Maleia and Coach Nina said “You better still come to practice, missy!” (In the most loving way possible, of course.) Coach Maleia took an entire practice to teach me how to properly stretch using foam rollers, and who would have thought, but also with a lacrosse ball! I ended up liking the way the lacrosse ball felt on my calves/shins so much, that at the end of that practice, she gave it to me. That was so meaningful to me; not because now I didn’t have to go buy one for myself, but because she saw what an impact it made for my body, and she wanted me to not go without it.
 Spring session was even better than Winter. I pushed my boundaries, safely of course, and saw improvements I had never seen before. I realized I really enjoyed running intervals and two minute runs were my thing. When I told Coach Maleia my realization, she literally jumped up and down with excitement. I kind of looked at her like she was crazy, but she told me that’s her favorite thing to hear from her runners, when they find their niche. She encouraged me to continue to run at that pace, no matter what the training program said. She gave me so much encouragement that day and I will never forget it.
Every single practice, both Coach Maleia and Coach Nina, have been my biggest cheerleaders and support system. There were practices where I was the slowest one there (Well, let’s be honest, every week I was the slowest one there. Hahaha. I’m the tortoise of the group and damn proud of it!) but Coach Nina would ALWAYS come run beside me to help motivate me and tell me how proud she was of me! Let me tell you, I needed that extra push more than I realized at the time.
During my first 5k with them, I was the last Walk2Run member to finish the race. When Coach Nina realized I was still on the course running/walking, she came to find me and FINISHED THE RACE WITH ME! I still don’t think she knows how much that meant to me. Coach Maleia will always text me or ask me at practice how my shins/calves are doing, how I’m feeling, and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS cheer me on at practice! It’s the motivation and support I didn’t realize I needed in that moment, until afterwards, when I looked back and figured out, those encouraging words, from both Coach Maleia and Coach Nina, is what helped me finish that lap. And don’t even get me started on when we were doing pacing one day involving pacing. I literally had no idea what that even meant at the beginning of that practice, but by the end, I was running faster than I ever have in my life, just to secretly impress my coaches. I absolutely LOVE making them proud of me!
And let me tell you one more thing, I didn’t realize how special these two ladies were to me (and to Nick) until we were planning our wedding guest list and I immediately added them. I’ve known them for approximately 6 months now and I can’t imagine our wedding day without them. Unfortunately, we have too many people right now, but they are on our “alternate list” and as soon as two people RSVP “NO” – they’re getting added! And y’all know what that means, with Nick being the groom, Shawn Rhodes (level 3) being there, since he’s engaged to my one of my friend’s, and with Coach Maleia and Coach Nina hopefully being there, there will probably be some sort of make-shift Monroe/Robinson wedding WOL 5k! Lord help me, but I can’t wait!
I am stoked to be re-joining Walk2Run this fall! I can’t wait to continue to improve upon my running abilities, as well as spend more time with the ladies I look up to the most, basically my older sisters at this point, Coach Maleia and Coach Nina! If you have any interest in running, or even if you don’t, please please please give Walk2Run a chance! These coaches are AMAZING and will not only improve your running ability, but will improve your self confidence, self worth, and the way you see yourself and others. Give Walk2Run a try and I promise you won’t be the same person you were when you joined – you’ll be a much better version of yourself. Remember: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. But most importantly, always remember to #EmbraceTheChallenge and that you are #WithoutLimits!

Peyton Chitty

Super stoked to run my fastest 5K since my cardiac event in 2015 and blessed to do it among so many supportive, awesome friends. Even in 85 degree heat with 95 percent humidity and a dew point of 75, I was able to nail my goal time. I never thought I’d see a 19 minute 5K again, but now I know that’s totally attainable in the near future. Train right, trust the process, and stick to your plan. #iamwithoutlimits


I was reflecting on 2013 today and that got me to thinking about how much WOL has influenced my life over the past year.  When I joined WOL last year, I joined for running coaching.  It wasn’t long before I realized that “improved running” was a catalyst for all of the bigger and more important things that have come out of my membership with WOL.

This isn’t just a running group.  This group is about togetherness and being supportive of each other…whether it’s cheering someone on during a race or just listening when they need to vent.  I have experienced such immense pride this year for my fellow teammates.  I am proud of myself, too, but nothing beats seeing the pride on someone else’s face when they’re crossing the finish line of that Iron-distance race that they’ve trained for all year!!  I’ve met people and formed friendships that never would have happened had it not been for WOL.  One of the cool things about the catalyst of running is that you get to know people for their spirit, not for their profession.  You get to see the true grit of people, and that makes those relationships so much more valuable.

So in my reflection on 2013, I have realized that my involvement with WOL has been the biggest influence in my life this year…for the better.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.  Thank you guys so much for making this group possible.  My life is better because of all of you.


I just wanted to let you guys know how much I truly love and enjoy Without Limits and everything you guys have established in your company, mission, etc.  I know I am not the most “active” member …often sleeping in well past the 5Ks, working during the social events, and sometimes even bailing on my own Mon/Wed practice nights :)….BUT, I really do absolutely enjoy every minute of it when I am out there with “the team” and it has really changed my own personal fulfillment in not just running, but life in general.  It is definitely my Prozac!  I know you both work very hard to make it run smoothly so I just wanted you to know how much it is making a difference in people’s lives…at least my own…and I would venture to guess it is also the reason why many others get out of bed in the morning.  Thanks for often being the highlight of my day 🙂


Wow, I had a great week in Wilmington highlighted by my two early morning Without Limits workouts.

To all of the WOL athletes, I hope you appreciate what you have. Sometimes you don’t know how good something is until you don’t have it around you all of the time. Winston-Salem is much bigger than Wilmington and has their fair share of runners and triathletes, but there is nothing like the group of WOL athletes to be found there. What I think makes WOL so special are these things: coaches that truly care about you, the social aspect of the group, the ability to always find someone to train with, the encouragement you get at workouts from other team members (some of whom you may not even know), and, most importantly, the really intriguing feeling that training for what is basically an individual sport feels like you’re part of a team. Very unique and very special.

This not an ad for Without Limits. This is just reflections from a guy that has been there from (almost) the beginning, watched it work, then moved away from it. I can’t wait to get back!


I just wanted to reach and and thank you so much for all of your great coaching and encouragement.

How you can take an old guy with bow legs, no previous running experience and no running skills, then; set goals,
teach, encourage, train, and motivate to accomplish what I did this weekend is one great big testimonial of your coaching abilities.

As I’ve told you before, the whole WOL experience, the people and coaches has been one of the most invigorating organizations I’ve ever been involved with.

Barb Wall

So Now I Sit and Reflect! I know it is long but it’s all there:) Going in to the race I had some pretty high Hopes and really wanted to push myself with a goal of 2:10. I consider it a success at 2:17- I was running one day about 2 months ago and thought of an old client who passed away this past year ( He had lost a leg and 85% of his sight to degenerative Diabetes) He had beat leukemia…twice and had 2 Kidney transplants and passed away at 42 – YES 42 – I saw a guy on the loop in a wheel chair with no legs and thought to myself “What must he think of me out here whining about a knee ache?” It was then that I decided to hit it even harder – I added daily walking on the hills downtown and Hot yoga 3 times a week to my schedule and at Practice I spent every second I could trying to stay as close to Fred Altmanand Nello Anthony Di Norcia. I added a few level 2 practices to motivate myself and to remind myself that is is ok to”Get out of the comfort zone” sometimes. Alllll of this def. better prepared me for what was coming in the Smokey but not 100%. After Kristen Smith Jeno and Jenny 2.0 got back i thought dear lord in Heaven, if it starts to hurt I will remember what they accomplished in under 13 hours. That is exactly what I did and this is how my mileage went in my mind-
Mile 1 – It’s sooo pretty – I think I will start the pace that Fred and I started the 10k with (MY APOLLO:) 10:02
Mile 2 – oh this isn’t so bad but Faye FayKristen said to chill the first 4 miles or so so maybe I should slow down except I am terrible at pacing myself, pittbull comes on and of course i went faster -9:43
Miles 4 and 5 – oh these hills aren’t so bad – 9:53 and 9:54
Around Mile 6 my Hills turned into Nun street on crack, but I decided at that point that I was going to prove my coaches wrong – and that I can finish strong if I start out strong – ( yup dummy -lol) I kept saying Be like a Honey Badger, Kristen and Jenny ( and Sammy) are super heroes – I actually started trying to think of what I would do if someone was chasing after me and I was this tired – keep running or die ???10:01-10:30 This continued through mile 11 when I got over the last hump and it was flat lands all the way back – Something happened at that point and I just hit a wall – Well I almost hit and vomited all over the very nice man who carried the American Flag the whole race but I just had to stop – my mind was overcome and I stopped for just a second and that was it – things were just not moving like they were before and I let my mind beat me up the last 2 miles – I lost my form, I lost my breath and I just could not get it back. HOWEVER – Between my Training and support network at Without Limits I took an overambitious goal and believed it as hard as I could and still had a 20 minute PR on my second only half marathon. I will probably never stop coming out of the gate too strong at races but my goal is to start paying more attention to my body and take more recovery time throughout my race so that I can finish strong. I was so overwhelmed at the end at my time. NOW the important stuff – To my Husband Garland Wall I am so PROUD of you on your first race and overwhelmed by the support you give me in everything I do!!!!To all my Fayefayes kids THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are POWERFUL and your words are MAGIC!!!! To Fayefay you are a powerhouse and we all love you! Thank you for your motivation. Aaron KolkI only had a few practices with you but I am def. a better runner for them – form form form! Kristen, as always you started out as and will forever be my rock and motivation to all of this – I love you and I know I am a pain in the ass sometimes!:) Fred- thanks for not tripping me yet and being mine and everyone in level 1’s Apollo! Sherman Lee Criner I thought of you and your feet many times – lol – but you are a true motivation to anyone who wants to get their head in the game, so to speak. Thank you for all of your blogs!Tom Clifford Thank you and Annette for creating this wonderful haven and family for all who may have never felt they could be a part of something like this – You can!!!! You All Can do whatever you want! This thing called running has carried over into so many avenues in my life in a magical way and I am sooooo Thankful to you all and grateful to you all for being there for me – and I got all your backs anytime!!!!


Three weeks from my finish in Duluth, I’m finally beginning to feel normal again. I’ve even entertained lacing up my shoes and getting a few miles in, thinking it just might feel good. This is not something I could have imagined when I limped across that marathon finish, in pain, yet, elated. I conquered more than 26.2 miles on June 18. I conquered a lifetime of ‘I can’t.’

Eleven months before, unable to run more than three miles, I accepted a challenge. In Duluth, I stood with thousands ready to push into pain and make it to the other side. The fear and doubt I struggled with throughout my training was no where to be found. My head, heart, lungs and legs were well prepared by my WOL training.

The morning of the race, positioned at the start, I alternately laughed and cried. I had already won. At mile 26.2, I finished what I started. In the miles between, I learned more about myself than could be written in a book or taught in a class.

I don’t need to tell you how difficult it was or how painful. I realize that is the case if you run 5 minute miles or 12 minute miles. I do, however,
want to thank you for pairing me with Christa for training. She was and is an inspiration. Not only did I appreciate and value her virtual coaching, I’m forever grateful for the time she spent with me in Duluth before and after the race. She and her family graciously supported my efforts even as they celebrated her tremendous accomplishment at Grandma’s.

The training you and your WOL team provide allows people of all abilities to realize dreams, push boundaries and discover they too are “Without Limits.”


When I joined Without Limits, I was one of Tom Clifford’s first clients.  I was also a 28 year old whose extent of running was a 10k back in 2002 (several years prior to meeting Tom) and who had been a smoker since the age of 13.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  Tom was my personal trainer at the local gym and thought that I would benefit from joining the group on the track.  My cardiovascular system was absolutely shot and I jiggled when I ran (I was fluffy, not so fit).  Until then, I considered myself to be active and in decent shape.  My cardio consisted of cross-training and walking till then.

I started out running 20 minutes a day on days that I didn’t meet the team at the track.  I was quickly humbled and enlightened when compared to the other team members.  These people had been running their whole lives, or at least half their lives.  No matter how hard I tried, they ran circles around me.  BUT- when Tom coached me, I listened.  No matter what he told me to do, no matter how crazy it sounded I stepped up to the plate.  I was there to prove to myself that I could do what HE thought I could do, not what I thought I could do.  I had no idea what I could be capable of because I was inexperienced and never had an interest in running or training in any way.

I quit smoking within the first two weeks that I began running with the team.  Cold turkey, no problem what-so-ever.  The anticipation of the run in the morning was enough to completely counteract the thought of smoking at all.  Just the smell of asphalt at the track in the morning would get me motivated.  I wanted to be better.  I wanted to catch up with the rest of the group.  I wanted to PASS someone one day, instead of getting passed.  Within two months, I was running between 25-30 miles a week.  I would go to the Wrightsville Beach Loop and run it not once, but TWICE, which was exceptional for someone who had smoked for nearly 15 years.  When I had to leave the group for scheduling and personal conflicts, I could run a mile in about 8 minutes.

I had gotten out of the practice for a while, but have just recently set the goal of running my first half-marathon in March, 2013.  I still think about the times on the track that I thought I couldn’t go any more, I couldn’t push any harder, but I did.  I still think about Toms coaching and mentorship and how much of any impact it made on my confidence and my abilities.  You will only be able to identify from experience what you can accomplish when someone believes in you enough to make you believe in yourself.  I would suggest Without Limits to introduce anyone to that experience.  It is truly life changing.


New York City, with the exception of Boston, was the marathon I had been looking forward to since I started running.  It was the most difficult training mentally that I’ve done to date. Moving to a new city and starting a new job can put a twist on your mental preparation.  The week prior to the race I was excited, but I didn’t have the usual pre-race jitters that I was used to.  I was so anxious to get to NYC and see all of my WOL peeps.  I was hoping seeing the people that motivated me day in and day out would be the spark I needed . . . and boy were they ever!  Being in Central Park with the Wilmington crew the day before the race was amazing.  Seeing the elaborate set-up, being around old friends, and feeling the excitement in the air was exactly what I needed.  And to top it all off, meeting Ryan Hall with Sami and Peggy . . . priceless.

The race was thrilling, 43,000 people from all over the world putting one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles.  And then when you add in 2.5 million spectators . . . unreal.  The energy was so motivating, there were many times in the first 13 miles I had to slow my pace down.  I was in awe of the Achilles runners on the course.  People with disabilities of all types working harder then myself to complete the race.  I felt fabulous . . . and then came mile 15 and the Queensboro Bridge.  One word, miserable!  For the first time in 15 miles, there was silence, absolute silence.  You could feel the emotions of the runners, we were all angry to be on the this gradual incline for over a mile.  As I got closer to the end of the bridge, you could hear the cheers off in the distance.  And then we rounded the corner to be blasted by the loudest cheers and chants on the whole course, good ole First Avenue!  Amazing, my energy was immediately lifted.  I continued feeling great up until mile 23.  My pace started to slow, I was beginning to tire from the gradual inclines of the course.  I looked at the clock and realized if I could hold a 10 minute pace I would achieve my goal and qualify for Boston again.  I knew once I entered Central Park the finish was close, but I also knew there would be a few tough spots.  The twists and turns, the uphills and down hills seemed never ending.  The fans were amazing, but I was quickly losing steam.  I saw the 800 Meter sign and thought to myself just twice around the track.  It seemed like a mile until I reached the 600 meter sign.  And then I looked up to see the clock . . . it read 3:32 and change.  If I could get to the finish in less than four minutes I could PR!  I dug deep, imagined Tom screaming at me, pictured Sarah running next to me and did it.  3:34.18 a new PR!  I never would have ever been able to pull off that time without Without Limits.  Without Peggy and Sami motivating me the day before.  Without all the incredible WOL runners.  Without  Christa, Rob, my bff Erik and all the other unbelievable speedy people in the “fast group”.  Without Ralph, MaryLou, and Camille who have been like parents to me.  Without Eddie, Grant, Val, Shannon, Rebecca, Alecia, Phillip and Doug who I have completed many workouts with.  Without Ace and Jen who I have laughed, sweated, and bonded with.  Without Sarah who has helped me so much mentally, physically, and emotionally and I who I owe a lot to.  And of course without Tom and Kristen who coached me, guided me, and made me a better runner and person.  Thank you all for everything you have done for me the past couple of years.  You all amaze me.  And my gift to you is some peace and quiet at practice . . . love you all!


As soon as you set foot in NYC you knew it was marathon weekend.  There were signs up everywhere.   Marathon mania  was in the air.  Saturday morning, a group of us met at Central Park to take pictures at the finish line.  We did a run through the park and saw elite marathoner Ryan Hall.  We were hyped and ready to get to the starting line.  Race day morning we arrived at the Hilton to board our bus to Staten Island.  I ran for “Fred’s Team,” a charity that supports cancer research, and the charity wanted to take a picture of all Fred’s Team runners in the hotel.   About 400 of us went inside and listened as a cancer survivor spoke to us about the difference Fred’s Team has made in cancer research.  It was so moving and inspirational.

Sami and I headed to the starting line.  Let’s do this thing!!  Before I knew it, the cannon went off and “New York, New York” is blasting everywhere!!  – Up and over the bridge into Brooklyn.  Feeling great!  There were people lined up screaming and cheering us on.  We had our names on our shirts.  “Go Sami, Go Peg.”  Mile 5 feeling great!!  The next thing I know we are pushing mile 14.   The Queensborough Bridge awaits us.  Now we are going to have to work a bit.   It’s an uphill bridge that never seems to end.  We get over and into Manhattan.  Up 1st Avenue.  The crowds are so loud.  Music blasting.  A giant party.  Mile 17 – Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital – high fiving the crowd.  We are working but feeling the crowd.  Then we start a twist of turns and more hills and bridges.  Funny, I forgot how hilly this course is.  Mile 22,  Sami and I split up.  I don’t want to leave my partner but we had decided if one of us had to stop  the other would go.  4 miles left.  Another uphill battle of rolling hills and telling myself – just get to mile 23.  Mile 23 comes and I am slowing down.  Now I am finding people who I can follow and push through.  Push through Peggy, push through the discomfort.  Think of why you are running this race – running for all the people who are battling cancer – thinking of my dad.  Fight, Peggy fight!!  Mile 24- My husband and friends are there to cheer me on, yeah familiar faces!!!  I can do this and WOW a down hill – Mile 25 – follow the crowd and let them take me.  Mile 26 – I am in the moment.  I am going to remember this for the rest of my life.  Here I go…………….FINISH!!!   BOSTON!!!!!


I know you wanted my PR info so here it is. First, I have been wanting to formally thank you for a while, so now is as good of a time as any. I have been running for a couple of years now. It is something that I always wanted to do and be good at.  I knew all along that I lacked any kind of training at all. Since there was no one offering running training services in our area, all I could do was go out and run as hard as possible. My definition of hard was definitely not the same as yours at least from a physical aspect.  When you told me you were starting “Without Limits Running” in June/July of last year, I did not hesitate to sign up with you.  At that time, my goal was simply to run a sub-20 minute 5K. After several months of battling injuries and learning a more accurate definition of “hard,” I began to see major improvements in my running times and overall health. Of course, I did see improvement in the short term, but the long-term improvements are what I am most proud of. Anybody can stick out for a couple of weeks.  It takes guts to fall down and get back up and keep going. It is like forcing yourself to walk into a burning building.  The injuries were nothing new to me and I attribute them to being overweight and not knowing what I was doing on my own.

I am only 3 seconds away from reaching my original goal.  What now realize is that those are just numbers and the goal is intangible. Whether or not I ever get those three seconds does not matter.  My way of life is different. I eat better and get in quality exercise more often.  That allows me to clear my head for other things. The fatigue from a hard work out allows me to enjoy the relaxation more.  The final thing I have to say is that there truly are no limits.  I am only at the beginning of the journey that awaits me.  No matter how much I better myself, there is always room for improvement.  As you can see, I had to thank you.  You have helped me tremendously.  I also want to thank Kristen and those I train with, whether they are they run train you or not.  There is always someone there to make me push harder. I sure my wife appreciates the fact that I am better shape as well.


In 2007 I ran 2 marathons knowing I may sign up for the inaugural beach2battleship full iron distance triathlon.  I began training with Tom @ Without Limits Running once the training plan kicked in.  My ultimate goal was to run a solid marathon, finish the race strong and at the same time have fun doing it.  I trained with Tom and the crew once a week…doing track workouts, group runs, hill workouts, etc…the majority of my 24 week plan for the race.  I gave Tom my running pace so he could plan accordingly and group me with runners that have similar paces.  The crew/friends I met and trained with kept me motivated and focused.  Training with a group was really good for me.  Every workout was different and challenging!  With November 1st soon approaching I took in everything that Tom had to say in preparation for the race.  The race began…the swim went great, the bike was steady and I came into transition with the marathon on my mind.  I ran into the changing tent put on my Newton running shoes and headed out!  I finished the first half feeling good…13.1 to go…I had all the training behind me, all the motivation Tom had given me, this was it…my thoughts were…you can do this…this is a long training run on tired leg.  I came running down the finish chute feeling strong…I did it…140.6!  My first iron distance triathlon…my official time was 10:48:28…my run split was 3:43:29!  Unreal…I could not believe it!  I was 6 minutes off my marathon PR…in an iron distance race!  Training with Tom made the difference.  The training was a key part of my race!  It all paid off!  I am looking forward to my next challenge with Tom as my coach…maybe running a marathon in the future to see what my potential really is?  Who knows…since then I ran my 5k PR…18.57…Thanks to Without Limits Running and Tom…


Already said this, but I’ll say it again.  I know you were saying how Leigh was saying it too, but I feel like those hill workouts were such a critical piece of my training and not just something “extra”. They kept my legs strong even though i don’t strength training, gave me the necessary training to handle a hilly course despite living in a pretty flat part of the country, made my abilities more fully developed so that I had more strengths to recruit from during the race, and gave me a HUGE amount of confidence and sense of accomplishment (especially when i ran past people painfully walking downhills). There were weeks it was hard to fit in with all the other workouts and sometimes I had to make it up on my own, but I’m so glad that I didn’t risk any short-cuts in that part of my program. In an on-line forum I am in, a lot of fast runners at Pig who trained hills still “got beat” by them and I held up soooo well on them both up and down and had a huge PR on a course that a lot of people would say wasn’t PR’able.  I wasn’t sure if our “one-block” hills would be enough, but were they ever!

My experience in this marathon really shows that the aggressive training you put us through really works and is smart and won’t “injure” us if we follow the basic rules of running and taking care of ourselves. To ran the race I ran, which is worlds better than any marathon I’ve completed, for it to have felt “easy” and for me to not be sore at all, what better testament that I was fully and smartly trained.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Bart Yasso was at the expo and autographed his new book for me.  He signed, it “never limit where running can take you”.  Fitting with the training philosophy you set (and no i didn’t tell him to sign that).


I decided to run the Battleship Half Marathon after my second son turned one in the fall of 2007. I wanted to get back into running and loose all of my baby fluff. I trained by myself and completed the race as my goal was to just finish. I loved the feeling of racing again and knew that I could be a faster and stronger runner. I saw Tom at the gym and asked him about Without Limits Running. He told me to be at the track the next morning at 6 am. That was five and a half months ago. In that time I have completed two marathons (one being Boston), several 5k’s, a 10k, and a 15k. Tom’s program makes you want to be better, to be the best. I truly enjoy every aspect of Without Limits Running-from the track workouts, to the long runs and hills. No goal you set is too big to accomplish through Without Limits Running.


I could talk forever about how Without Limits Running has helped me in my training.  My times have dropped dramatically since I started with Tom, and I anticipate it to continue to drop as I continue with the group.

But enough about that.  You can look at the results of all of our Without Limits Running athletes in any of the races we participate in and understand immediately that training with Tom Clifford absolutely works.  What I would like to testify to is the confidence and joy Without Limits Running has given me in my overall training. Tom and Kristin have taught me how to be confident in my running abilities by consistently pushing me through mental and physical barriers that I would have never experienced on my own.  I now believe that I can be in the front pack of a race because I am confident that my training has prepared me.  I am confident that I can tolerate the pain and push past the “I can’t go on” mentality which enters the mind of every athlete.  That’s what creates achievement, and that’s what Without Limits Running has instilled in me.

Lastly, I want to say that Tom has brought together a fantastic group of supportive people with Without Limits Running.  I see everyone who participates in this group as teammates.  No one has a negative attitude, and we are all each other’s biggest fans.  You can count on Tom, Kristin or another teammate to be at every race cheering you on.  The feeling I get when I see somebody from Without Limits Running encouraging me as I race is fantastic, and it makes me proud to be associated with such a group.  I want to thank Tom and Kristin for always being there anytime I had questions or concerns about my training, and I look forward to the future with everyone involved in Without Limits Running.  I am truly impressed with the coaching I have received, and I am blown away by all of our results.


Yesterday was fun and I had a new PR in my mind but didn’t want to say anything beforehand – just see if it would happen. Hitting goals is great fun and it just makes me want to keep pushing further.

I want to tell you that I have really enjoyed my experience since I joined WLR. I have lost 14 pounds in the last year with most of that coming since I started training with you. I have a few more to go to get to goal weight, but I feel so much better already. Something that I didn’t really expect was the mental gains that this type of training has given me. I feel so much better all the time and it’s not only the physical workouts – it’s also the paying attention to what I eat&drink, my sleep habits, etc.. It really helps me when you talk about that stuff, so please keep it up.

Also, I want to tell you that it is really special to me to be a part of a group that is focused on the same things I am and is always encouraging and supporting me. There have been times during  a workout that I just wasn’t into it and always someone in the group seems to recognize that and push me to do better. You have a special bunch of people out there. I was one of those guys that said “yea, yea, I gotta go out there and train with Tom” for several months. Erin kept telling me that I would get better if I came out and she was right. Thanks for all that you’re doing for me – it’s working.


I think I was the third one to join the group about a year ago.  Michelle and I were at the gym wondering what exercise to do next…then we ran into Tom and asked him to show us a few things.  Since then…he has showed us more than just a few things.  He has showed me how to be a better runner and a better thinker.  The mental aspect is the hardest part.

See, I was a Div 1 Track and Field athlete all 4 years of college…however I was a sprinter.  The distance stuff has really never clicked with me.  I would run on my own, casually that is…and even ran a few marathons.  I ran them to finish them…not to run them hard.  Since training with Tom, I have heard several times from friends of mine that ran with me saying “why do you have a trainer, or you don’t need a running coach etc.”.  I need someone like Tom to motivate me and run me to the ground.  I missed those collegiate work outs, the kind when you are on your knees afterwards completely wiped out from an interval workout of some sort.  In a weird way, I missed the pain…and the feeling I got after running a really fast race, or completing a really hard workout.  I can’t think of anything I would rather spend my $$ on then training.

Mentally, it has been a blessing for me to be a part of Without Limits Running.  In the beginning, never really had any goals…and I started off just wanting Tom to motivate me to run…and run hard.  I learned really quickly, that running hard was not the only thing that would make me a better runner.  Tom is helping me with the mental barriers…and I still have more to go through.  Well, a year has gone by and I feel like I am in better shape now than when I was in college.  Tom and Kristin both have been so supportive and motivating.  Tom has proved to all of us that training without limits will all around improve our running…and it has.  I have noticed EVERY athlete that trains with Tom has improved significantly in so many ways. Tom and Kristin…thanks for everything so far!


My name is Jessica Costen and my family and I  live in Charlotte, NC.  We met Tom through Shawn and Melanie Spencer and have gotten to know him through the NC triathlon series over the past few years.  We respected Tom because of his performance at races,  but didn’t know that much about him until this past summer.  My husband Jade and I were able to attend the triathlon camp that Bike Cycles hosted for two sessions and it was there where we learned to know Tom and sat through several training sessions with him. Jade and and I have  been running for over fifteen years.  We  have run all sorts of races – we have short races and marathons under our belts – but have never had any official training from anyone.  Tom was able to teach us so much about the mental aspect of running.  He  actually gave us strategies to overcome obstacles especially on long runs or frustrating speed work days.  He also trained us on the track with a speed workout that has revolutionized my training.  I didn’t know I was capable of what he helped me accomplish – which has helped me improve on my shorter distance training significantly.  Tom has been very helpful answering questions that I have had and has helped me see the  potential I have as a runner.  Thanks Tom for your help!!


I have been training with Tom Clifford for about 2 and ½ months.  I always kid him that I am the oldest person training with him and he better be a little kinder to me.  Well, that does not work with Tom.  Everyone is treated the same but different workouts.  I can’t express enough how much I have improved with my running, discipline, and positive outlook.  The workouts are great, with Tuesdays being tempo runs and Thursdays track.  Hard, Hard workouts, but made for me and the people who run my pace.  This past weekend I participated in my first International Distance Triathlon “Pinehurst.”  I have never been so excited and pleased with my time, especially my run time.  After a 1500 meter swim, 25 mile bike (can I say hills, hills that had me praying the entire time)  I ran my second best 10K time.  I ran a 52 minute 10K at the Lo Tide run in March with out the other two events and ran a 57 minute 10K at Pinehurst.  I can honestly say it is because of my training on hills with Tom and speed work on the track.  We may hate getting up some mornings and give Tom some dirty looks, but guys it pays off.  I am 55 years old and running the best I have ever run, and meeting some really great people who are so encouraging……….especially Tom and Kristin.  So bottom line, speed work is what it takes, and a great coach!



Our clients expect results, period. Tom Clifford and his team of qualified & experienced endurance sport coaches of Without Limits Coaching deliver the results that our clients expect. Their training plans are evidence-based & data-driven, and they implement state-of-the-art technology in the WOL CompuTrainer Lab and with the use of Training Peaks software to measure & apply the critical variables necessary to design & monitor effective training programs. Tom also preaches the importance of periodized programming and planned rest & recovery, which is arguably as important as the training itself, especially to avoid overtraining and prevent injury!

The team-centered approach of Without Limits creates an encouraging atmosphere of support & accountability for athletes & clients of all fitness levels from beginners to elite competitors. When I refer a client to WOL, whether it be for them to start running with proper form & fundamentals, or to prepare for their first 5k, or for a comprehensive coaching program with the goal to PR in a full Ironman, I can rest assured that they will be embraced by the WOL family and provided with the tools, support, & coaching necessary to achieve their goals.

Another major factor in the big picture success of our clients with their overall fitness goals is the professional relationship & lines of communication that the WOL Endurance Coaches maintain with our team of Strength Coaches and our Sports Med & Nutrition Depts. We are kept informed of critical endurance workout dates & races, so we can adjust the strength training or treatment plan & schedule accordingly.

For running, cycling, swimming, & triathlon coaching, we refer all of our clients to Without Limits!


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