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Our programs are designed for you, and our goal is to guide you to your potential. Beyond accountability and motivation, our group programs are open, positive and supportive.

Let's Set Some Goals

Without Limits offers in person coaching and virtual coaching for all levels of endurance athletes.  Our certified coaches have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you increase endurance, become more efficient, and become a better, stronger, and faster athlete.

Our coaches are located in Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Greenville SC, Columbia, SC and Spartanburg, SC.  All of our coaches also offer virtual coaching using training peaks software.

Without Limits on site practices are based on what is called BEHAVIORAL SYNCHRONY – When people work together their brains release mood lifting, discomfort suppressing endorphins, which in turn reduce the perceived effort of running swimming or biking under a given intensity.

At our practices, our coaches set you up for success by creating structured workouts with other athletes at your level, that will guarantee improvement.

Set your next goal and let Without Limits Coaches put the program together for you!


About Our Programs
Without Limits has a variety of programs for all levels and all budgets.  If you have a question below about any of our programs, call us or emails us and we would be happy to help!
Premium Coaching (Run + Triathlon)

$165 per month

+ Individualized Online training plan using Training Peaks software 
+ Geared for Triathletes, Runners, Cyclist and Swimmers
+ Weekly phone calls and/or emails
+ Includes Location practices if you live near one of our locations
+ Includes Zwift Coached online sessions online for triathletes and cyclists

+ Initial 60 min 1 on 1 consult + Race Planning

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Essential Group Running Package

$110 – 1 month $200- 2 months $270 – 3 months $320 – 4 months

+ 4-8 running practices per month
+ On site Run Coaching and Group Training
+ Level 1, 2 and 3 groups based on fitness level
+ Proper Run Warmups
+ Tempo, Steady State, and Interval Training
+ Post Run Strength and Stretching
+ Questions and discussion with Coach
+ Limited emails and phone calls
UPGRADE TO ADD: – Online Coaching Plan – 1 on 1 consult – Video Analysis – Swim Practice/ Cycle Center – Data Analysis Sign Up

Cycling - Coached Zwift Trainer Sessions


+ 4 pack of sessions $20 ($8 individual session)
+ Zwift online technology incorporated with Zoom
+ Group Training from your home on your bike
+ Real time power analysis
+ Coach guided workouts and coach built workouts to improve
+ Power Testing Options
+ You can ride right from your home
+ Safe Riding Environment
UPGRADE TO ADD: – Training Plan – 1 on 1 consult Learn More

Coached Swim

Available in WILMINGTON

+Weekly Group training
+Pool membership
+Training Plan or email feedback $40-80/month
+ Practices at the YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear
UPGRADE TO ADD: – Swim Private $65 – Swim + Video Analysis $90 – Swim Video Form Analysis + email Feedback $100

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1 on 1 Sessions

Available in All Locations

+ Running Form/Consult $60
Training plan Analysis – $60
+ Cycling Form/Consult $60
+ Swim Private $65
+ Swim + Video Analysis $90
+ Swim Video Form Analysis + email Feedback $100
UPGRADE TO ADD: -Group Training – Premium Coaching -Pool membership -Training Plan

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Youth Running Programs


+ Spring Summer Fall and Winter Seasons
+ Summer Cross Country Camp
+ Sprint and Agility and Form Work
+ Distance, Pacing and Form Work
+ Prices vary by season and location
+ 1 on 1 Youth Coaching Available
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Walk to Run Programs


+ Seasonal lead up to a 5K
+ On site Run Coaching and Group Training
+ Free training plan for 12 weeks
+ Proper Run Warmups + Walk + Run interval training and progression
+ Post Run Strength and Stretching
+ Questions and discussion with Coach
+ Limited emails and phone calls

CLICK HERE to SIGN UP for our Summer Walk to Run starting July 8th 2020

UPGRADE TO ADD: – Online Coaching Plan – 1 on 1 consult – Video Analysis – Swim Practice/ Cycle Center – Data Analysis Get Started

What Our Athletes Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, since 2007 Without Limits has coached athletes for the US Olympic Trials, over 80 to the Boston Marathon, KONA Ironman World Championships, and from their first time triathlon or 5K to receiving their USAT Pro Card.  Without Limits coaches are invested in you.

“I just wanted to let you guys know how much I truly love and enjoy Without Limits and everything you guys have established in your company, mission, etc.  I know I am not the most “active” member …often sleeping in well past the 5Ks, working during the social events, and sometimes even bailing on my own Mon/Wed practice nights :)….BUT, I really do absolutely enjoy every minute of it when I am out there with “the team” and it has really changed my own personal fulfillment in not just running, but life in general.  It is definitely my Prozac!  I know you both work very hard to make it run smoothly so I just wanted you to know how much it is making a difference in people’s lives…at least my own…and I would venture to guess it is also the reason why many others get out of bed in the morning.  Thanks for often being the highlight of my day ”

Ryan H

“Kristen Jeno has blown away all expectations I had for an online fitness coach.  She is super-fun to work with, bringing her enthusiasm for sport and life into everything she does.  Her knowledge and experience in athletic training give her a solid foundation from which she provides realistic, comprehensive guidance.  From training plans to dietary advice to injury prevention and/or management, she is on top of her game.  As if she has known me for years, Kristen is incredibly sensitive to my tendencies, preferences, and quirks.  She is there for me at a moment’s notice, prompt to answer my questions, yet she also gives me plenty of space and independence.  I am proud to have such an inspiring coach to help me realize my dreams!!”

Sonja W

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for all of your great coaching and encouragement.

How you can take an old guy with bow legs, no previous running experience and no running skills, then; set goals,
teach, encourage, train, and motivate to accomplish what I did this weekend is one great big testimonial of your coaching abilities.

As I’ve told you before, the whole WOL experience, the people and coaches has been one of the most invigorating organizations I’ve ever been involved with.”

Eddie B.

“I have been wanting to formally thank you for a while, so now is as good of a time as any. I have been running for a couple of years now. It is something that I always wanted to do and be good at.  I knew all along that I lacked any kind of training at all. Since there was no one offering running training services in our area, all I could do was go out and run as hard as possible. My definition of hard was definitely not the same as yours at least from a physical aspect.  When you told me you were starting “Without Limits Running” in 2007, I did not hesitate to sign up with you.  At that time, my goal was simply to run a sub-20 minute 5K. I began to see major improvements in my running times and overall health. Of course, I did see improvement in the short term, but the long-term improvements are what I am most proud of. Anybody can stick out for a couple of weeks.  It takes guts to fall down and get back up and keep going. It is like forcing yourself to walk into a burning building.  50lbs lighter and several years later, I am breaking 19:00 in a 5K and 5 hours in a 70.3.  Thank You!

Kyle S.

“Being a coached WOL athlete has helped me set and reach goals that I’ve only dreamed about. Not only do I have a group of teammates and friends who encourage, hold me accountable, and challenge me on a consistent basis, I also have a coach who does the hard work of creating a personalized training plan to help make these goals attainable. I initially had a tough transition from being a collegiate athlete to post-collegiate as I watched my times and results become significantly slower. With the help of my coach, Tom, I have realized that I can still have big and ambitious dreams while being the ‘adulting’-athlete. Having someone who is knowledgeable and successful in the sport believe in the goals I have set for myself helps tremendously. When it comes to race day, I’m able to reflect on my training and all the work I put into getting to the start line, and trust the training. I trust that results will come.”

Brittany P.


What is Without Limits?
The Without Limits brand started in Wilmington, NC in 2007 and manufactures casual athletic apparel, and has a coaching division that focuses on adult endurance athletes and youth development. The Without Limits brand embodies a group of certified personal coaches who believe in the Without Limits idea and coach their athletes to become smarter, better, stronger athletes and people. Our brand is more than Endurance Athletes, it applies to life and raising the bar for yourself to embrace challenges and break through old limits.  Check out our brand video here
What is The Without Limits Apparel Brand?
Without Limits produces and manufactures custom apparel for retail and for events. If you want to wear Without Limits and you believe in our brand, you can check out our online apparel store. If you are interested in getting Without Limits Apparel for your event, we can design and manufacture product that is 2nd to none and we will deliver amazing product that you and your event will be proud of. Find out how to order apparel for your event or company.
I am a coached athletes, how do I find the workouts and check into practice?
Simple.  Click below on the cell phone and then bookmark the app onto your phone’s homepage.  You will have a Without Limits ICON save on your phone and be able to access practices, team events and team info any time.  
What is the Endurance Team?
The Without Limits Endurance Team is composed of runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, swim-runners, ultra runners and any endurance athlete that believes in living Without Limits and Embracing Life’s Challenges. All Without Limits coached athletes in all markets receive a free team shirt, water bottle, team discounts and discounts on apparel.
Are there any free group workouts with the team?
If you live near our locations you will be able to be part of forums where people organize group workouts.  We do plan big group workouts and activities throughout the year that you can take advantage of. We offer free socials throughout the year and priority registration for camps, clinics, and selected race registration.
Tell Me More About Youth Programs?
Along with our adult coaching opportunities, Without Limits provides youth coaching in certain markets. Without Limits believes in developing young runners and sprinting for life long knowledge and understanding of running and triathlon. The youth are our future and we want our future to be great! Youth typically has 4 seasons starting with Winter then Spring, Summer and Fall XC.  Learn more about our youth coaching locations and practices.
If I do not live near a Without Limits location, can I be coached or on the team?
Yes! We would love to have you. You will feel connected to the team through our online forums, email communication and racing opportunities that work with your schedule. Without Limits coaches can also VIRTUAL COACH via Training Peaks Virtual Coaching. We coach athletes all over the country. You will also feel connected through social media and wearing Without Limits clothing and racing gear!
Is Without Limits just for competitive athletes that do races?
No, just like any other fitness company, Without Limits coaches are there to help you gain endurance and be healthy. You might be around people who are racing or training for something, but it doesn’t mean you have to race. Come out to stay fit and challenge yourself with a great group of people!
Is Without Limits just for fast runners?
No, Without Limits was started by Tom Clifford a division 1 collegiate runner at Eastern Michigan. Tom has a vision of taking his experiences of individual and group training that he was taught throughout his career and applying it to all runners, swimmers, and bikers of all levels who want to learn.  Whether you are just starting out and running for the first time, or you are an experienced athlete who wants to take it a step further, Without Limits has the experience, patience and knowledge to help you. Kristen, Sami, Brian, Faye, Aaron, Matt, Chris and all of the WOL coaches share a similar philosophy of wanting to help anyone at any level.  You are always welcome to come out to a practice and try it for free to see if it is the right fit for you.
If I am a Without Limits client, do I have to race for Without Limits?
No! We understand that every community has their local groups and friends they love to train or race with. Without Limits provides the opportunity to race with us at any point if you wish, but we are also coaches and have your best interests at heart. We want to help you be the best you can be and we ultimately support you and the team you race for. After all, we do this because we love it and it is a healthy way of life which is the most important!

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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