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All of our coaches are certified through our governing bodies.  In order to be a Without Limits Coach, you must have an updated USA Triathlon, USA Track and Field, USA Swimming, or USA Cycling Certification

Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Without Limits Certified Triathalon Coach Tom Clifford

    Seeing an athlete you’ve coached really believe in their potential is one of the coolest, most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced. View Profile
    Tom Clifford
  • Certified Elite Triathalon Coach Kristen Smith

    Living a good life with a balance of proper, structured and efficient training methods allows all athletes to reach their goals. View Profile
    Kristen Jeno
  • I LOVE working with adults! These people are able to juggle their career, family and personal well-being while striving to better themselves and work outside of their comfort zone! View Profile
    Celia Wolff
  • Certified Youth Running Coach Colin Hackman

    Goal setting and implementation through physically and mentally challenging training sessions reap returns later in life. View Profile
    Colin Hackman
  • Certified Youth Running Coach Aaron Kolk

    It’s all about getting into the mindset of not setting limits. You can accomplish anything with hard work and enough determination! View Profile
    Aaron Kolk
  • I have always been very passionate about helping my clients achieve their health and weight goals by making small, achievable changes in their eating lifestyle. View Profile
    Diana Davis
  • without-limits-certified-youth-running-coach-ryan-hauck

    Hard work, goal setting, and helping people go beyond their potential is what I love about coaching. View Profile
    Ryan Hauck
  • Being able to train and work with so many different athletes with different backgrounds and physical constraints is what I love most. Hearing their story and encouraging their “why” to keep going… they make me a better person and coach. View Profile
    Maleia Tumolo
  • Cheering someone across the finish line is fun, but being apart of an athlete’s entire goal setting and training process is an incredible experience. View Profile
    Nina Dunn

Greenville, South Carolina

  • Certified Elite Running Coach Matt Hammersmith

    The human body can be any form of art that you choose. With the right tools and knowledge, you can turn it into your masterpiece. View Profile
    Matt Hammersmith
  • There’s nothing better than athletes who are enthusiastic and tenacious, with the discipline that allows them to reap the benefits of their hard work! View Profile
    Victoria Hammersmith

Charleston, South Carolina

  • without-limits-certified-elite-running-chris-bailey

    As a coach, there is nothing more rewarding than helping an athlete achieve something that seemed impossible; The aha moments and “I can’t believe I did that” performances are what I love most
    View Profile
    Chris Bailey
  • without-limits-certified-elite-running-chris-bailey

    I admire so many athletes’ unrelenting spirit. I’ve seen several athletes tackle unexpected hurdles in life, and not let it keep them down
    View Profile
    Hannah Moldenhauer

Columbia, South Carolina

  • Trey is inspired by athletes who push themselves beyond their natural abilities to achieve their goals and wants to help others do the same
    View Profile
    Trey McCain
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